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Do you need to drive larger profits for your clients, but not sure where to start?

Are you ready to extend your value as a trusted advisor and help your clients win?

Our Solution

Growth 1776 helps accounting firms stand up a new consulting practice focused on improving clients’ profits.

We will expose you to a distillation of business best practices, arm you with the right questions to ask, and support you with ProfitMaxG76.

Your career will elevate as you stand up a new advisory service within your firm.

Growth 1776 Profit Engine
Before / After CAAP

Before CAAP… The Helpful Rule-Minder

“FASB ASU (Accounting Standards Update) 2016.02 will require that all leases with a term of over one year be capitalized effective for years beginning after 12/15/2021. 

I need to redo your balance sheet.”

After CAAP… The CEO Whisperer

“I noticed that your top salesperson by revenue is in the bottom quartile by profit. 

Is your compensation system driving unprofitable activity?”

Company Benefits

Gain More Clients

  • The target market is vast
  • Accountants already have market permission

Make More Money Per Client

  • Non-core and marginally profitable clients can be transformed into highly profitable clients
  • Hourly rates improve using existing staff

Differentiated Services

  • Outcomes are measurable and valuable to companies
  • No one ever “swiped right” for a tax return or attestation report
Personal Benefits

Grow Your Career

  • Stand out from the competition
  • CEO Whisperer

Advisory Tools and Services

  • Learn top-tier advisory tools and how to apply them
  • Enhance business acumen
Competitive Advantage Acceleration Program provides your firm the business awareness needed to stand up the profit improvement advisory.

This “micro-MBA” program gets to the heart of a key challenge almost every business faces – profitability – and addresses three of the top key objectives of service firms today:

  • Gain more clients
  • Make more money per client
  • Offer new, valued, and differentiated services to the market

How should we think about the business?

  • Situational Assessment
  • McKinsey 7S
  • Customers
  • Value Proposition
  • Pricing

How should we manage the business

  • Department Management Framework
  • RACIS Matrix
  • Maximum Sustainable Pace
  • Expense Rationalization
  • Cost of Goods Sold

How should we grow the business

  • ProfitMaxG76 powered by Growth 1776


  • Materially increase the revenue and profit from your existing client base, without the cost of client acquisition
  • Add profit improvement on a customer and item basis to your current playbook of cost management
  • Increase client retention


  • Move from “helpful rule minder” to “CEO whisperer” by asking thought-provoking questions.
  • Transform your non-core and marginally profitable clients into highly profitable clients



How It Works

We Train You

We train a cohort of your top talent on our proprietary advisory framework and data analytics platform.

We Support You

We support and backstop their business development and client delivery efforts

We Celebrate With You

You enjoy earnings that are 2x to 4x higher than typical consulting fees and more scalable than staff augmentation.

The CAAP program changed how I looked at measuring the success of a business. The program has not only vastly improved my business acumen and advisory skills, but it has provided me with more opportunities for business development at my firm and strengthened the portfolio of services that I can deliver to my clients. The program has provided many top-tier advisory tools and models that have allowed me to differentiate myself from my competition, by being able to provide advisory services that challenge companies to think differently about their business and get to the root causes of their problems, and truly help those companies manage and grow their business and improve overall profitability.
Partner, Top 100 Accounting Firm
Sitting through the CAAP training by Growth 1776 this past summer changed the definition of an advisor for me. It made me realize that I was focusing the majority of my time advising my client base on all the wrong key indicators for a successful business. We are taught in our industry (public accounting) to diagnose the health of a business by revenue and gross profit growth. While these are important to a thriving business, CAAP takes advising back to the basics through key principles and fundamentals the Growth 1776 team outlines in their program. After the first and second training sessions, a part of my brain that I was not using seemed to turn on. There is no other way to explain it. The way I think about my clients’ businesses and the way I now pose questions to my clients since the program has ended has been noticeable to the point my clients are picking the phone up more and being more proactive than reactive on their own businesses. The competitive advantage I feel like I now have after this program is incredible.

Manager, Top 100 Accounting Firm

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