Are you struggling to ignite stagnant sales growth?

Do you need help correlating large volumes of internal and external data to better drive sales?

Our Solution

At Growth 1776, our advanced technology and elite management tools help large corporations unlock the Nth degree of profitability in time to impact your fiscal year.

Sometimes we do that by providing a bespoke dashboard showing predictive sales opportunities and customer behavior.

In other cases, we correlate your various streams of internal, external, and syndicated data so you can see the market as never before.

In all cases, we arm your internal analytics team with the horsepower and torque that they could not obtain alone.

What would you do if your “Profitability-By-Product” chart looked like this?

Growth 1776 will help you figure which products to rationalize … and lead the change management so it happens quickly and profitably.

How It Works


We listen to your very specific needs.


We design a bespoke solution faster than you could hire a data scientist.

Implementation Support

We implement and stick with you to ensure you get the results you need.

We're No  Ordinary  Consulting Firm

We bring elite analytical tools and implementation services on par with elite consultancies at a fraction of their prices.

We can quickly integrate your data streams and improve the quality of your sales activity.

Our experts can do it faster than you can recruit a data scientist.

We've HelpedOur Clients Achieve


Pre-Tax Profit Improvements


Profit Improvement

case study

The Power of Growth 1776

The food service division of a multi-billion packaging company was facing stagnant sales, a distressed customer base, and capacity constraints across thousands of products. They pay a fortune for external (syndicated) data but haven’t been able to fully unlock its value.

“We would like our customers to purchase our full portfolio, but it is difficult to see what they are not buying.”

Step 1: Do fewer things wrong. Unlock the value of expensive syndicated data by consolidating the information with internal data. Stop guessing at potential success and calculate real win projections.

Step 2: Understand the root causes of adverse outliers. Certain products will never sell in certain segments; know that with certainty.

Step 3: Do more things right. Focus limited human resources on the opportunities with the highest likelihood of success. Determine, understand, and quantify white space in every segment, then create a plan to fill it.

Bespoke Sales Command Center

  • Custom consolidation of internal and external data streams with calculated win projections
  • Predictive analytics
  • Clear sales sheets per target customer

Growth 1776 far exceeded our wildest hopes.

Their recommendations increased our profits almost immediately. And even more impressive is their strategic and operational expertise and advice that they incorporate into their core offering. They are the catalysts to transforming our business and taking us to the next level of performance and beyond. HIRE THESE GUYS!!!
Owner, Wholesale and Distribution Company

The contingency pricing model makes it a no brainer.

Any lender should consider introducing Growth 1776 to their portfolio companies. They provide actionable insights instead of long reports with vague next steps. Even better, their interests are aligned with the company since they don’t get paid unless improvement happens. They make my portfolio companies stronger without spending upfront consulting fees.

SVP, Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking

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