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We believe in the power of grassroots American business.

Growth 1776 brings a unique blend of cutting-edge analytics together with sophisticated executive know-how and experience.

We democratize this know-how so that all companies can benefit from capabilities previously only available to massive companies that can afford teams of high-priced consultants and data scientists.

“Growth 1776’s approach to analyzing our business and identifying profit improvement opportunities far exceeded our wildest hopes. Their recommendations increased our profits almost immediately. And even more impressive is their strategic and operational expertise and advice that they incorporate into their core offering. They are the catalysts to transforming our business and taking us to the next level of performance and beyond. HIRE THESE GUYS!!!”


Owner, Wholesale and Distribution Company

Together, We HelpCompanies Thrive

Growth 1776 improves profit for our clients by applying technology and elite management tools to our clients’ data.

Created for business people, by business people.

The Why

  • Data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to acquire customers.
  • Insight-driven companies grow faster than and outperform their competition.
  • Excelling at business fundamentals is the cornerstone of performance excellence.
  • There is no stress like money stress.

The How

  • Proprietary advisory framework and data analytics platform.
  • 15 – 20+ powerful lenses through which to examine company performance and identify holistic improvement opportunities.
  • Underpinned by world-class advisory tools and frameworks.
  • Combines theory + pragmatic experience + data analytics.
  • Game-changing insights to transform the normal into the superior.

The Value

Improved profit and a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage for companies.

Meet Our Team

We are just like you. Our Founders and Managing Directors are real people with families and careers. We believe in hard work and are passionate about what we do. And we want to make a difference for businesses across the United States.

Peter J. Mares

Peter J. Mares

Managing Director

Superpower: Connecting the Dots

Disciplines: Strategy, Finance, Accounting, and Operations

  • 30+ year career accelerating companies’ profits and growth
  • $350+ million in cumulative, realized improved profits
  • Scaled a business to $125MM revenue in 7 years (55% CAGR)


  • MBA, Finance, George Washington
  • BBA, Accounting, James Madison
Frank Rochon

Frank Rochon

Managing Director

Superpower: Unshakeable Curiosity

Disciplines: Business Advisory and Outsourcing

  • Founder of 3 advisory firms with $150MM realized, improved profits
  • Developer of bespoke data analytics and visualization
  • Democratizer of elite strategies and tools for the middle market


  • BA, Harvard
Kristin Lindquist

Kristin Lindquist

Chief Revenue Officer

Superpower: Creative Problem Solving

Disciplines: Change Management, Process Improvement, Human Capital, Sales

  • 25+ years leading startups, turnarounds, and corporate divisions by building teams and go-to-market strategies
  • Planned and executed growth strategies producing double-digit growth in EBITDA
  • Transformed business development teams with sales training programs and digital tools


  • BS, Organizational Communication and Leadership, University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Hugo M. Montesinos-Yufa

Dr. Hugo M. Montesinos-Yufa

Chief Data Scientist and Academic Advisor

Superpower: Data and Methods

Disciplines: Economics, Statistics, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Optimization

  • Ph.D. in Economics and Ph.D. in Engineering
  • Academic and industry experience
  • Research-oriented statistician, economist, and engineer working as a Professor of Statistics at Ursinus College’s Math and Computer Science department
  • Founder and leader of a decentralized research initiative conducting applied statistical research


  • Ph.D. in Engineering, Universidad Simon Bolivar (Venezuela)
  • Ph.D. in Economics, Florida State University
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