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Growth 1776 improves profit for our clients by applying technology and elite management tools to our clients’ data.

Created for business people, by business people.

What does Growth 1776 do?

We help companies capture hidden profits within their existing business with a time to value measured in weeks. Our fees are self-funded by a portion of the realized improved profit we find – no improved profit, no charge to you.

We achieve this by empowering you with elite tools and techniques with practical and pragmatic experience, data analytics, and visualization to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

What Makes Growth 1776 Different?

We believe in the power of grass-roots American business.

Growth 1776 brings a unique blend of cutting edge analytics together with sophisticated executive know-how and experience.

We democratize this know-how so that all companies can benefit from capabilities previously only available to massive companies that can afford teams of high-price consultants and data scientists.

How do you guarantee results?

At Growth 1776, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We offer a variety of services that are designed to increase profits and optimize operations. One of the ways we do this is by guaranteeing a minimum 3x return on investment.

In contingency models, we don’t receive any money until clients are seeing more profit. This ensures that our interests are aligned with those of our clients.

In blended models, we have provisions that stipulate the minimum value clients must enjoy before Growth 1776 sees a fee premium. This ensures that our clients are always getting the best possible value for their money.

We also like to stick around and help our clients implement the changes we recommend. Change management services are often required to truly optimize our findings. The long tail of change management is typically where our business experience proves most beneficial to clients. We believe that this kind of commitment to our clients’ success is what sets us apart from the competition.

How do you execute projects?

At Growth 1776, we pride ourselves on being able to show our clients which baskets of products and customers are profitable, and which are not. We take their data, upload it into ProfitMaxG76, prepare specific recommendations down to customer location, SKU, and sales route, and build action plans with clients that they need to increase their profit.

We aspire to serve clients all the way through their realization of increased profits. Often that leads our clients to sharpen their overall business strategy. Some clients ask us to lead change in their operations, finance, and sales teams. It is our privilege to do so.

This seems too good to be true. What's the catch?

No catch.  And it is every bit as good and true as it sounds.  You give us data.  We analyze the data.  We recommend actions you can take to improve your profits by 50 percent or more.  You decide which actions to implement.  You implement the actions.  You make more profit.  You have less stress and enjoy life more.

When can we expect to see improvement in our net income?

We help companies capture hidden profits within their existing business with a time to value measured in weeks.

You should expect to see an impact within four to six weeks of hiring us provided that you send us requested data, participate in the project, and execute on the recommended changes.  Keep in mind that you are always in control and you decide what recommendations to implement.

Are your recommendations legal? Will the IRS be coming after me for illegal tax/accounting schemes?

Our recommendations are absolutely legal based on sound and practical business practices used by big companies that have resources to either hire overpriced consultants or employ MBAs and quants to out “game theory” the competition.  And yes, the IRS will be coming after you for more taxes based on your 50 percent improvement in profit.  The IRS will LOVE you.

How much does it cost to hire Growth 1776?

In all situations, we view our engagements as investments, not expenses, as working with us makes our clients more money.

As for deal structure, we meet clients where they are.

Many clients love the no-risk contingency model in which G76 earns a percentage of the improvement in net income. In the unlikely event that we can’t help them find those hidden profits; clients don’t owe us anything.

Other clients prefer the certainty of fixed fees.

Our favorite model is a blended approach that provides a floor and ceiling to fees while keeping skin in the game for everyone.

Growth 1776 far exceeded our wildest hopes.

Their recommendations increased our profits almost immediately. And even more impressive is their strategic and operational expertise and advice that they incorporate into their core offering. They are the catalysts to transforming our business and taking us to the next level of performance and beyond. HIRE THESE GUYS!!!
Owner, Wholesale and Distribution Company

The contingency pricing model makes it a no brainer.

Any lender should consider introducing Growth 1776 to their portfolio companies. They provide actionable insights instead of long reports with vague next steps. Even better, their interests are aligned with the company since they don’t get paid unless improvement happens. They make my portfolio companies stronger without spending upfront consulting fees.

SVP, Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking

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